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Donate or Recycle - A Rule of Thumb

How do YOU decide?

In this new stay at home world, many of us have been cleaning out and decluttering. Reorganization has been moved to the front of the line. Sometimes it’s a boredom buster, or a task to busy young idle hands. How do you decide what to donate and what to do with the other stuff? The 3 pile method, keep, donate or trash is handy, although more often than not, those piles get mixed, and become just 2; donate or keep. The trash pile lessens as our natural instincts tell us that ‘someone can use this and it’s better than nothing’. However, tracking down replacement parts, someone to do mending or altering, extensive stain removal or repair may be impossible due to financial constraints and can very discouraging to some.

As a general rule, if you are unable to use the items in the condition in which they are when donated, they likely are unusable for some else.

We believe the answer is recycling. Larger well staffed locations such as Goodwill, sort through unusable clothing and donate to textile recyclers. These facilities typically employ a large staff and are able to sell those items to textile recyclers for pennies per pound. The recycled items are then reimagined for other uses or shipped out of the country. Donated furniture pieces will find a home more quickly when shoppers are able to see those items displayed. Electronics recyclers refurbish phones, computers and other items into useable product that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Rich EnDeed is a small community location with a limited staff of volunteers and shopping hours. Our intention is provide items that are suitable for use as they were donated, which is our reasoning when asking donations be sorted and labeled so meticulously.

Our wishlist does include textile recycling bins, so the pennies per pound paid to other locations are realized by Rich EnDeed. Obviously those pennies would help offset our operating costs, which are funded entirely by corporate and private donations. But, we are not there yet. Currently we gratefully accept your gently used items for turnaround to those in need throughout our community, and recycle the balance.

Please visit our website for a complete list of our partner organizations. You may be surprised at what you’ll find doing a simple search of ‘textile recyclers near me”, for your well loved items.

As always we appreciate those that help us step up to the needs of our community in such a tremendous way!

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